Q :Do you charge a diagnostic fee?
A : No. We offer a free, no-obligation analysis of your media. (Occasionally we can not diagnose a system with out further involvement, in this case we would need to charge a fee.)

Q: Am I liable to pay for your data recovery services, if you are unable to recover my data?
A : In case your data or files and folders are not recoverable by us then there are no charges for our professional labor services.

Q: What type of Data Recovery can you perform?
A : We provide data recovery services for Hard Drives, Raid Arrays Disk, USB Drives, Compact Flash Drives, USB, Firewire, IDE, SATA, ATA and all other types of computer storage media devices. We help in recovering data that has been
lost due hardware failure, human error, software bugs, a virus or a natural disaster.

Q: My hard drive makes some strange noises, can you suggest a solution?
A: TURN IT OFF IMMEDIATELY! When hard drive makes unusual noises it is a symptom of head crash, which can result in major data loss. Contact a professional immediately and do not attempt data recovery yourself using over-the-counter
diagnostic tools as it can result in further damage or permanent data loss.

Q: Are over-the-counter diagnostic tools safe for data recovery?
A: Diagnostic Tools can be helpful in fixing minor problems but in case of extreme corruption, it is advisable to take professionals help as these tools can cause permanent data loss if mishandled.

Q: I have little to no technical knowledge when it comes to computers, can you speak to me in terms that I can understand?
A: Yes, Our professionals will guide you with the recovery procedure in a simple language by making you understand all the technical terms and features. They have years of experience and expertise in the field and provide you with the
best data recovery solutions.

Q: What exactly is a “Wipe & Reload?”
A: A Wipe & Reload, commonly performed to repair configuration issues and damage done by virus infections, is a way of “starting over.” We back up all your data, followed by wiping your computer clean. We reinstall your version of Windows, and configure it specifically for your machine. We then make sure you’re up to date with security patches and bug fixes. After a Wipe & Reload, your system will run faster and more stable it did out of the box.

Q: Where are my programs?
A: During a Wipe & Reload, data is moved from your system to a server where it can be scanned for virus activity. At the end of the process, we restore data, documents, files, and settings; However, software beyond basic Windows (eg. Office) will need to be reinstalled. Re-installation can be performed by yourself, or we can take care of it for you if you provide original installation disks.

Q: Do I need to buy antivirus software?
A: After a Wipe & Reload, we offer Avira Antivirus Suite. It is important to understand, however, that no antivirus can be 100% foolproof, and your experience may vary. If you do choose to install another antivirus you must fully remove any other Antivirus first. Computer Service Center is not liable for any infection occurring after system pick-up.

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